Heather and Tim Selfie

Our Story

Heather grew up on a farm in central Pennsylvania.  Tim grew up in a holler in southern Ohio.  Heather didn't get to travel in her youth, so she's been making up for it ever since and dragging Tim along for the ride.

Our Approach

We've spent our adult lives travelling differently than most people. We always fly into a city and then drive in a big circle or loop from there. We rarely stay in the same hotel or campground for more than a night. It can be exhausting, but we always get to see so much more than the average tourist by eliminating all the daily backtracking. It also means we end up at some of the most interesting, spectacular, but random of places. After years of giving travel advice to friends on the best loops to take we decided to put all the information in our heads on a website and share it with everyone. We hope you enjoy it. Safe travels! -- Heather & Tim