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Las Vegas: 4-Day Grand Canyon North Rim Loop

There's something for everyone on this 3-day adventure.  You can take in the view from the north rim of the Grand Canyon, see some dinosaur tracks in the wild, explore amazing Native American ruins, walk through geologically recent lava flows, see the engineering marvel Hoover Dam, and of course hang out on The Strip.  A trip to the American West doesn't get any better than this!
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Seattle: 3-Day National Parks Loop

If you don't have much time, but want to see some amazing National Parks, just head to Seattle for a 3-day weekend.  The city is within an easy drive of two lesser-known spectacular National Parks -- Olympic and Mt. Rainier.   The city's not too shabby either, so be sure to sample some of the best coffee and food around at the start and end of your trip.
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St. Louis: 2-Day City Loop

If you happen to be in St. Louis and want to see the best the city has to offer, this is the plan for you.  Some of the places you need to visit are the Gateway Arch, Forest Park, the  Botanical Gardens, and a one-of-a-kind crazy place called City Museum.  City Museum is without a doubt our favorite man-made place in the country!  If you happen to be in St. Louis during baseball season, be sure to catch a St. Louis Cardinals game.
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Fresno: Sequoia Nat'l Park, San Simeon, & Paso Robles

We've spent Christmas the last 2 years snowshoeing in Sequoia National Park. It is the most surreal experience you can have tromping around those majestic giants in the hush of the snow. We can't recommend it enough. And while you're in California, you can stop by the coast to see one of the beaches covered in elephant seals, get a tour of the extravagant Hearst Castle filled with beautiful Christmas decorations, and sample the wineries in Paso Robles.
If you'd rather extend this trip, you can fly into San Francisco or Los Angeles to see some of the sights there. Both are within a 4-hour drive of Sequoia, San Simeon, and Paso Robles.
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Idaho Falls: Winter Yellowstone & Grand Teton

Winter is our favorite time of year to visit Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks. Now don't get us wrong, we love those parks in the summer, too. The winter is just that much more scenic and all the wildlife come off the high mountains to feed in the valleys. Elk, bison, coyotes, moose, wolves, bald eagles, and more are almost guaranteed sightings. Plus the steam off the hot springs form fantastical designs on the surrounding trees.
The few roads that are open are maintained rather well. However, the majority of Yellowstone you'll need to access by snowmobile or snowcat. Tours are available at several locations outside the park and at Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge.
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San Diego: Coast, Mountains, & Wine Country

San Diego is a great place to head in the winter when you're sick of the snow back home—the weather is always mild, the food is fantastic, and they have a great music scene.  In addition, as you probably already know, there are gorgeous beaches and awesome surfing.  What you don't know is there are also 200+ wineries, dramatic deserts, fun sand dunes, tidal pools filled with alien-looking creatures, gorgeous hikes, and scenic mountain drives at your fingertips.
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Heather and Tim Selfie

The White Rim Road in Canyonlands National Park.

Heather grew up on a farm in central Pennsylvania and didn't get to travel in her youth.  She's been making up for it ever since and dragging Tim along for the ride.
We've spent our adult lives travelling differently than most people. We always fly into a city and then drive in a big circle or loop from there. We rarely stay in the same hotel or campground for more than a night. It can be exhausting, but we always get to see so much more than the average tourist by eliminating all the daily backtracking. It also means we end up at some of the most interesting, spectacular, but random of places. After years of giving travel advice to friends on the best loops to take we decided to put the information in our heads on a website and share it with everyone. We hope you enjoy it. We're still building new trips every week, so keep coming back—it's just going to get better over time. Safe travels! -- Heather & Tim

P.S. If you have some additional travel loop ideas, corrections, or want to share your photos with us, just contact us at circlestourguide@gmail.com.